Message from the Chairman

Retail is the fastest growing sector, not just in the Indian economy, but across the globe. The Retail sector in India alone is worth more than US$ 350 billion, and hires more than 2 million people in India. It is expected to grow at a rate of 20% annually for the next 5 years. So, it is no wonder that the big Retailing giants of the world be it Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, etc. are trying to set up shops in India. Besides, all the major Indian conglomerates like Reliance, Future Group, Bharti, Tata, RPG, Aditya Birla Group, etc. have all established their presence in the Retail Sector. This is expected to create a demand for another 1 million retail professionals in the next 5 years.

In the backdrop of large-scale demand from the Retail sector, National Institute of Retail and Management (NIR&M), founded in 2008, offers UG and PG Certification Programs, to specifically meet the quality manpower requirements of this industry. Our unique pedagogy bridges the gap between the marketplace demands and the knowledge to succeed in this marketplace. Our focus is to impart quality education to build NIR&M-class professionals. NIR&M-class professionals are capable of taking informed and practical decisions at their workplace, in their career and in life, at large.

NIR&M has the right set of international accreditations, affiliations and memberships in the Education and Retail sectors, to prepare the students for rewarding careers. You can go through the prospectus to know more about them. These accreditations, affiliations and memberships have helped us to enhance our course materials and offer innovative educational methodologies. As a result, we have built tools and practices that create effective and efficient environment for learning and knowledge enhancement.

The results are all but visible – in our short span of existence, we have already become a leading provider of education and training in the Retail sector. As such our students are placed in reputed retail organizations like Reliance Retail, Bharti Walmart, Lifestyle International, Unilever, ICICI Bank, Aditya Birla Retail, Apollo Hospitals, Pantaloon Retail, Raymonds, Woodlands, to name a few. Besides, NIR&M ties up with Retail placement agencies to help its graduating students get better offers from the industry.

Finally, NIR&M is working towards creating an alumni portal, where the students and alumni of NIR&M can share ideas, provide guidance and network. This further creates an opportunity for the students to interact with like-minded alumni and define their own career progression.

It gives me an immense pleasure to present NIR&M’s prospectus to you. It provides detailed information about NIR&M, its philosophies and its courses. I hope that it will enable you to understand us better.
All of us from NIR&M (Directors, Faculty, Staff & Alumni) look forward welcoming you to our community!


Message from the Director and Registrar

Dear prospective students,
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to NIR&M Community. I am sure you will enjoy your journey with NIR&M and will find its pedagogy to your liking.

To give you a background, Retail sector in India, as kirana stores, has blossomed since time immemorial. India has more than 6 Mn retail/kirana stores. With the advent of newer concepts stores like Retail Chains, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, etc., the modus operandi of these stores changed considerably. Products are being sourced from far off-places, bringing more variety to the consumers. The store design itself has changed to experiential shopping. As such, the pressure is not only on the store’s front-end management, but also on the back-end supply chain and inventory management systems.
These get complicated further by defining the products type – perishable, edible, etc. Difficulty becomes more pronounced when these have to be delivered within a mile of the consumers’ access. The decisions regarding the retail size, supply chain, inventory and skilled manpower comes into play.

That’s where NIR&M fits in.

Programs in NIR&M are designed to give you a perspective on how these knotty issues are currently being handled worldwide, and the science behind them. The understandability is further enhanced with real-life examples. Working class professionals are able to appreciate better because they can practice these theories in their jobs, and implement them with immediate results.

NIR&M trains professionals to become acquire those skills in Retail sectors, with their choice of specializations – Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, HR and IT. NIR&M also offers special courses on Fashion and Apparel Management, thus giving individuals a complete Retail sector knowledge and training.

The leadership team of NIR&M has a strong academic background - they come from the reputed institutes – Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow) and Global Business School – Chicago (one of the top 10-ranked business school in the world).

As such NIR&M’s brings strong credentials in the pedagogy style and for the placements of NIR&M students. NIR&M provides access to a network of recruiters for NIR&M students, which helps them to enhance their career prospects.
With these and many more positives about NIR&M, I welcome you to join the NIR&M Community.


Director and Registrar



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