The education curriculum is designed to inculcate in self-learning and independent thinking. The courseware helps the student to gain practical experience and develop holistic perspectives based on strong-domain knowledge that they gain from the curriculum.


To enhance the competence of working-class professionals through a rigorous but self-paced learning process.

Quality Policy:

NIR&M is committed to expose its students to the best principles, practices and tools to perform at their workplace.
As a part of our intent to provide excellent education, we do not enroll students who are either fresh graduates or are still studying. Instead, we enroll students who have work experience or have access to organizational setups. This enables them to relate and apply the learnings from NIR&M courses real-time, at their workplaces.

Inorder to be contemporary with the needs of the workplace, courses from NIR&M are regularly updated with relevant topics and training. This keeps the students abreast with the most recent needs of the industry. This is achieved by regular interactions and feedback from the industry.

While the students are encouraged to do a self-study, the institute makes provisions to provide instructions and guidance to the students who need support in their learning. Thus NIR&M students are necessarily groomed to have basic standards of skill-sets.

Furthermore, students are encouraged to take specializations of their choices. These specialized courses are meticulously designed by the faculties in NIR&M to ensure that these students receive maximum knowledge, become aware of its practical applicability and get experience them at their workplace with real-life projects.
With these measures NIR&M ensure that it maintains superior quality standards of its courses.


The Courseware is designed by qualified faculties of NIR&M to meet the dual demands of industry skill-set requirements and the ability to grasp the subject by self-learning.

As such, the study material given to the students are easy to understand. Textbooks are specifically chosen for independent study by the students. The textbooks provide conceptual knowledge of the subject, illustrations with examples and case studies to depict the real-life experience.

The students are expected to achieve a reasonable level of understanding through self-study. The study packages include self-evaluation exercises that help the students to evaluate their own academic progress.
The Course’ study material provided by NIR&M is complete and the student does not need to refer to any other material and/or purchase them separately.

Learning Methodology:

An integrated learning approach is followed in NIR&M which consists of several stages:

  1. Self-Study: Students are expected to read and grasp the subjects as a part of their curriculum. While an individual can pace ones education as per ones capabilities, it forces the students to organize their calendars and prioritize their work. This inculcates the habit of time management, a key learning that finds lot of value within the organizations.

  2. Case Study Focus: The Case-based learning inculcates the student to research and inquire a problem within the real-life context. It creates a situation where the variables are not linear or limited, but are intricately inter-connected to one another, resulting in wide range of plausible solutions to the Case. The student has to understand and analyze the situations critically, gather data, produce evidence, arrive at conclusions based on the studied concepts and finally enumerate the possible answers. This type of education inculcates the habit of applying the concepts to real-life situations and understanding that a real-life problem does not have single solutions, and the outcomes depend on the choices made by people at each stage.

  3. Self-Evaluation: The study material include assignments, case studies, exercises, etc. that the student can undertake to ensure that they have been able to comprehend the concepts and apply it to their business environment.

Examination Policy:

Assessments are a part of the pedagogy at NIR&M. Every student has to pass a minimum set of examinations to receive a certificate from NIR&M.

The students are assessed on each of the subjects taken in a Program. Once the student is confident that he/she can take an external exam, he/she contacts the Institute to request for the question papers. The students can take the exams at their comfort and revert with the answer sheets within the prescribed limits for the Programs.

The question papers are so designed that there is no possibility of ‘copying’ from the study material. The answers need the students’ ability to apply the tools and methods learnt from the study materials. This methodology of external evaluation ensures that while students take their time to analyze and revert with their best possible solutions, they also learn to implement the acquired knowledge.

The questions papers themselves are prepared by experienced faculties of NIR&M. The quality standards of assessments at NIR&M are paramount.

Certificate Award Policy:

Based on the performance in the examination, the students are awarded grades. The grades are awarded on the percentage of score achieved by the student for the exams taken.

Percentage of Marks Scored Grades
75% and above A+
Between 65% to 74.99% A
Between 55% to 64.99% B
Between 45% to 54.99% C
Between 35% to 44.99% D
Less than 35% F


The students are issued Certificates for the successful completion of the Programs, along with the Marksheets.
A Student’s Policy manual will be given to each student who has enrolled with NIR&M. This manual provides information to the student on various aspects of the curriculum, namely:

  • How to seek clarifications with the faculty

  • How to appear/re-appear for the examination

  • How to request for the review of the corrected papers

  • How to request for the extension of the Programs, once they expire

  • Who are the signatories on the Certificate and Marksheets


Scholarships Offered

The students are eligible for Scholarships based on the following criteria:

  • Their past academic performance

  • Their industry experience (Number of years and experience type ie whether in Retail or not)

To avail the scholarship, a student has to submit a Letter to the Institute requesting for the scholarship along with copies of their academic performance and industry experience letter. Based on the Scholarship Request Form, the Academic and Student Affairs Committees will decide on the scholarship and the amount for the scholarship.

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